Swag... Merch... Promos... Gifts... Giveaways...


Whatever you want to call them, promotional items are part of our everyday lives.  We give and we get.  The circle of life.


At ProjectWorks, we help marketing professionals ideate and select promo items that will help them get their message across and make a long-lasting impression.


But since there are literally thousands of companies that peddle swag, we offer additional services that help us stand part – above and beyond our sad competitors.


We provide COMPLETE promotional marketing services that include:


Goal Definition

Product ideation

Item selection, sourcing and branding

Inventory Management

Order fulfillment


That’s right!  You no longer have to keep huge boxes of merch in your offices or under your cubicles.  We will keep them at our huge warehouse for you and ship them whenever and wherever you wish.


Freedom from the minutiae of managing promotional products.  So you can focus on the job you were hired to do – to kick butt as a professional marketer. Sweetness, indeed.


Don’t want the whole enchilada? 


No prob.  Just hire us to do whatever you need.  And once you see what we can do for you, we are sure you will come back for more.